AppealMate’s pricing is clear and transparent and based only on the number of pages in the Record or Appendix, and it includes everything necessary to perfect an appeal, including, processing and formatting an appellant brief. The pricing is available here.

Traditional appellate processing companies have opaque and inexplicable pricing models, and are oftentimes reluctant to provide any firm price quotes in advance of filing. Their invoices are either bulk billed or highly detailed, and offer no clue as to how the price was determined.

There are more than 15 steps from the retrieval of the lower court documents until the Record or Appendix is finalized. Some of the steps are one off but many of them are duplicated many times and involve rote work. However, the detailed invoices from the traditional appellate processor reflect charges for every time the same piece of work was done again and again in the same Record or Appendix; and in addition, they contain separate charges for paralegal time, presumably for completing the rote work, which appears to be duplicative. Furthermore, these companies boast that they incorporate technology, but if they were really using technology, many of the steps completed by paralegals would have been automated.

Appealmate’s pricing model, based only on the number of pages in the Record or Appendix, is simple and transparent. It allows the client to calculate the price in advance by adding up the number of pages in the court documents and referring to the pricing-page on Appealmate’s website, located here; or they can ask Appealmate for a price, and at any later time check the invoice against the price listed on the Appealmate website, so that they can rest assured that they were not overcharged. Transparency matters to AppealMate.