Social Responsibility

AppealMate is deeply committed to social responsibility initiatives through environmental sustainability projects, community engagement, and diversity.

AppealMate’s internal corporate initiative is environmental conservation. This includes reducing AppealMate’s environmental impact by reducing waste and combating deforestation and global warming. AppealMate limits the number of paper copies of appellate documents it prints to the minimum amount required by court rules, and encourages clients, many of whom are like minded, to forgo ordering paper copies from AppealMate and instead utilize e-copies. Except for court-required appellate printing, AppealMate limits its printing to the minimum amount necessary. All paper sent to AppealMate is scanned, shredded, and recycled.

For every appellate record that is ordered through AppealMate, it plants trees in the United States or abroad (the location is chosen by the client) through reforestation projects. AppealMate plants trees at a rate that offsets the amount of paper its clients use for printing appellate documents.

AppealMate’s Director of Corporate Social Responsibility is Deepti Kc. Deepti is experienced in designing and implementing charitable endeavors and programs. She received a Masters from in Non-profit Management from Columbia University.