What services does AppealMate provide?

AppealMate prepares the record and brief for filing with the court, which includes compiling and assembling the record, preparing the record and brief covers, preparing the tables of contents for the brief and record, preparing the table of authorities for the brief, preparing page headings for the record, bookmarking and hyperlinking the record and brief, assembling all cited cases and statutes, preparing the certification and statement pursuant to CPLR 2105 to CPLR 5531, printing and binding of the record and brief, filing and e-filing the record and brief, and ensuring that all court protocols and rules are complied with.

What does AppealMate charge for its services?

AppealMate’s pricing is based on the size of the record and is available here.  AppealMate prides itself on being transparent about its pricing.  There are no hidden fees or confusing invoices.

How is AppealMate so much cheaper than the competition?

AppealMate has developed proprietary technology that allows it to establish a simplified pricing model based on the size of the record. With AppealMate’s use of technology, the appellate services it provides are not as labor-intensive as its competitor services, which are bogged down with legacy processes. As a result, AppealMate is cheaper than its competitors.