AppealMate provides technology-enabled appellate processing and printing services. The services are: (a) assembly of the Record on Appeal and processing of an appellant’s brief; and (b) the processing of a respondent’s brief or reply brief.

In perfecting an appeal, AppealMate completes the following:

      • Assembly of the record/appendix.
      • Typeset record and brief covers.
      • Typeset and assembly of tables of contents for briefs and records.
      • Typeset and assemble tables of authorities for briefs.
      • Typeset page headings for records.
      • Bookmarks and hyperlinks for record/appendix and brief.
      • Assembly of all cited cases and statutes.
      • Certification Pursuant to CPLR 2105.
      • Statement Pursuant to CPLR 5531.
      • Conformance with New York Court protocol and rules.
      • Print, file and serve the appellate documents.

AppealMate provides services for appeals brought in the four Appellate Divisions in the State of New York, and expects to expand to appeals in the New York State Court of Appeals, and then to all nationwide federal Courts of Appeal.