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AppealMate – bridging the gap between appellate printing and technology-driven appellate processing

AppealMate was born out of the realization that the appellate printing industry is ripe for disruption by developing, utilizing, and incorporating innovative technology.

Legacy appellate printers:

  • Utilize antiquated processes to assemble and print appellate records and briefs,
  • Utilize unnecessary labor to complete tasks that can be automated,
  • Have not embraced technology, and
  • Establish pricing on a case-by-case and firm-by-firm basis, with no predictability or transparency.

Sam Karpel, an attorney who handles appeals, noticed the inefficiencies in the industry and inexplicable pricing model. He spoke about it over a dinner with a friend, Vinod Sankaran, who has a background in engineering and business, and suggested that the tasks associated with assembling appellate papers could be completed using technology.

Vinod and Sam worked with developers to create new software that automates processes for the assembly of the appellate record.

AppealMate’s use of technology has eliminated many legacy processes, labor and overhead, and has allowed AppealMate to establish a pricing model that is cheaper than the competition.

Sam is involved in the day-to-day operations of AppealMate, and Vinod focuses on the development of new technology.

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About Appeal Mate
Vinod Sankaran Sam Karpel

Director of Corporate Social Responsibility

Deepti Kc is AppealMate’s Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, and is experienced in designing and implementing charitable endeavors and programs. She received a Master’s of Science degree in Non-profit Funding and Management from Columbia University, and has broad experience consulting to and working with charities, including Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, WE ACT for Environmental Justice, and Women’s Venture Fund.

Director of Corporate Social Responsibility

Deepti Kc
Deepti Kc

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