Technology-driven appellate processing and printing services that are environmentally conscious. A proprietary software platform for processing appeals, that incorporates AI, allows Appealmate to offer reduced pricing. We guarantee significant savings.
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AppealMate provides appellate processing and printing services to attorneys and law firms for appeals brought in the four Appellate Divisions in the State of New York. AppealMate has developed a proprietary software platform that includes bots and AI that complete steps necessary to prepare a Record or Appendix. A paralegal or attorney reviews every Record and Appendix, to ensure accuracy and compliance with court rules. By using cutting edge technology, AppealMate can charge less, without comprising on quality.

To see how AppealMate can save your firm or client money, send us three prior invoices from other appellate printers and we will show you the cost savings through use of AppealMate. Or, you can use our Savings Calculator located here to see how much you would have saved.

Advantages of AppealMate over Legacy Appellate Printers

Old Generation

Traditional Appellate Printers

Old School, labor-intensive They complete a large portion of the work manually
Primarily paper and printing based They print the maximum number of documents and copies that they can rationally justify
Unpredictable pricing based on many different factors, which are neither predictable nor standardized within the industry Their charges are time and task based, which differ for each firm, without any consistency or standardization
Price indifferent and expensive They charge exorbitant prices
Environmentally Indifferent Their general practice is to print the most copies
New Generation

AppealMate’s Printing Services

New-age, technology-driven We complete a substantial portion of the work using tech
Digitally focused We print only what is required under Court Rules, with all other tasks or requirements completed electronically
Simple and predictable pricing based on the size of the records Our pricing is transparent and presented on our website, it is based only on the number of pages in the record
Price-conscious and low-cost We are less expensive, and believe our pricing will democratize appeals by making them more accessible to attorneys and clients who were previously priced out of appealing
Environmentally conscious We print only the amount required under the Court Rules, and plant trees to offset paper used in printing

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Social Responsibility

AppealMate is deeply committed to social responsibility initiatives through environmental sustainability projects, community engagement, and diversity.

AppealMate’s corporate initiatives includes environmental conservation. AppealMate lessens it environmental impact by reducing waste and combating deforestation and global warming. AppealMate limits the number of paper copies of appellate documents it prints to the minimum amount required by Court Rules, and encourages clients, many of whom are like minded, to forgo ordering paper copies from AppealMate and instead utilize e-copies. All paper sent to AppealMate is scanned, shredded, and recycled.

For every appellate record that is ordered through AppealMate, AppealMate plants trees in the United States or abroad (the location is chosen by the client) through reforestation projects. AppealMate plants trees at a rate that offsets the amount of paper utilized for printing appellate documents.

AppealMate’s Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Deepti Kc, is experienced in designing and implementing charitable endeavors and programs. She holds a Master’s degree in Non-profit Funding and Management from Columbia University.